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What is the point?

The point is to allow me to display my photos in a manner that I personally find congenial.

I've been a photographer all my life. I'm also a software developer. For twenty years I wrote regular reviews and occasional feature articles for several major pop-tech magazines and websites, covering photography as well as technical issues (mainly software). I've always been interested in the intersection of technology and culture and I expect I'll say something now and then in my blog posts at Tumblr, which are now linked to this website.

How to use the galleries

I'm fond of the horizontal "sliding" galleries, and I like to add comments on many of my photos. To see the next photo in a gallery, click on it, or click anywhere, or use the right-arrow on your keyboard. To go back (to the left) tap the left-arrow key or swipe to the left. Click on an image or hover over it to see any text (explanatory text or perhaps a caption) that I've supplied for that photo.

I urge you to use a large, high-res display to view photos. The site will work on your phone or table, but in my judgment the photos look much better on my 28" high-res Microsoft Surface Studio 2's big, beautiful display.

Is that all?

Well, not quite. The Flickr button in the lower left corner will take you to my Pro Flickr account. I was a very early user of Flickr and there are a lot of photos there, a lot more than there are here, and many of them are only of interest to me and my family. But you can comment on photos there (if you have a Flickr account). My blog is hosted at Tumblr and linked into this site. Please go to Tumblr to leave a comment on a post. Or use the contact form below:

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